Dr. Luca Schenk


Chairman (Bitcoin Capital AG)


Dr. Luca Schenk is Chairman of Bitcoin Capital AG, the issuer SPV of FiCAS’ product. Currently, Luca is the CEO of Xwiss, a digital asset advisory firm building a FINMA-regulated digital asset exchange and the digital asset standard DART. Previously, Luca was CEO of the Swiss regulated stock exchange BX Swiss for more than seven years, during which period he developed the organisation from a regional stock exchange with 40 traded shares into an internationally recognized stock exchange with over 1,700 traded shares and ETFs. He has also previously held the roles of M&A and corporate finance advisor with OLZ&Partners. Throughout his career, Luca has also contributed to diverse financial market regulatory bodies. Luca is a member of the Board of Directors for Xwiss AG; CoinsDNA Holding AG; Fintec Partners AG; and Swisspower Renewables AG. Luca holds a Doctorate in business administration from Bocconi University in Milan.

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