AIDA AMC (Actively Managed Certificate)

AIDA AMC (Actively Managed Certificate)

Bitcoin Capital Active ETP
ISIN CH0507008552
Valor 50700855
Ticker AIDA
Listing Not listed / Private Placement
Currency EUR
Mgt Fee 2% p.a.
Perf. Fee 20% above HWM (absolute)
Issuer FCS Ltd
Admin GenTwo AG
Issue Date 14 Jan 2020
Issue Price 1´000 EUR
Maturity Open Ended
Strategy Discretionary
Domicile Guernsey
Underlying Top 100 digital assets
Legal form Actively Managed Certificate
Asset Mgr FiCAS AG
Custodians Bitcoin Suisse AG


AIDA AMC is an actively managed certificate featuring cryptocurrencies as the underlying asset class. The investment product allows institutional investors in Switzerland and the EU to invest in digital assets. The product is issued by FCS Ltd and managed by FiCAS AG, the Swiss based crypto investment management boutique. The investment objective is to outperform a customized benchmark* of traditional indices and bitcoin on a risk-adjusted basis over an investment horizon of 3-5 years.

The investment universe comprises the top 100 digital assets by market cap, and cash (USD, EUR, CHF). The investment strategy includes trading Bitcoin against carefully selected altcoins and moving to fiat when this is deemed the best option. The allocation is discretionary and based on in-depth investment research, technical and fundamental analysis, proprietary algorithms and artificial intelligence applications. AIDA provides investors access to a diversified, discretionary managed crypto portfolio. AIDA is actively risk managed and operates in a regulated and secure environment.

* The Customised Benchmark is the equally-weighted average of the following indices: SMI, EU50, SP500, XAU (Gold), WTI (Crude Oil) and DJUSRE (Dow Jones Real Estate).

How to invest

You can buy AIDA AMC directly through your bank or broker.
Your client advisor will need to know the following information:

1. The amount you want to invest.
2. From which account you want to take the money.
3. The ISIN number of the AMC you want to buy (ISIN CH0485491879).
4. When capturing the order, ask your client advisor to add the following information in the field where he can put in remarks for the bank’s trading desk:

“For purchase, please contact ISP Securities AG, Bellerivestrasse 45, 8034 Zurich (Switzerland). Their trading desk’s phone number is:+41 43 499 14 14