Bitcoin Capital Active ETP

LISTED             CHF               SECONDARY MARKET           OPEN ENDED

Valor     54868960  |   ISIN      CH0548689600   |  SIX Symbol      BTCA

Bitcoin Capital Active ETP

LISTED        CHF   

Valor     54868960

ISIN      CH0548689600

SIX Symbol      BTCA

Bitcoin Capital Active ETP
ISIN CH0548689600
Valor 54868960
Product Ticker BTCA
Listing SIX Swiss Exchange
Base Currency CHF
Underlying Top 15 digital assets
Domicile Switzerland
Launch Date 28.07.2020
Issue Price 100 CHF
Denomination 1 Unit
Min Trade Size 1 Unit
Maturity Open Ended
Legal Form Exchange Traded Product
Strategy Type Discretionary
Management Fee 2% p.a.
Performance Fee 20% above High Watermark
Issuer Bitcoin Capital AG
Administrator CAIAC Fund Management AG
Custodians For security reasons 6 different
Asset Manager FiCAS AG
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Bitcoin Capital Active ETP is the world’s first actively managed Exchange Traded Product featuring cryptocurrencies as the underlying asset class. The investment product allows retail and institutional investors in Switzerland and soon across selected EU jurisdictions to invest in digital assets as safely and easily as buying ordinary shares. The product is issued by Bitcoin Capital AG and managed by FiCAS AG, the Swiss based crypto investment management boutique. Its investment objective is to outperform a customized benchmark* of traditional indices, and bitcoin, on a risk-adjusted basis over an investment horizon of 3-5 years. The allocation is discretionary and based on in-depth investment research, technical and fundamental analysis, proprietary algorithms and artificial intelligence applications. BTCA provides investors access to a diversified, discretionary managed and liquid crypto portfolio. BTCA is actively risk managed and operates in a regulated and secure environment.

* The Customised Benchmark is the equally-weighted average of the following indices: SMI, EU50, SP500, XAU (Gold), WTI (Crude Oil) and DJUSRE (Dow Jones Real Estate)

How to invest

You can buy Bitcoin Capital Active ETP directly through your bank or broker just as you would buy ordinary shares. You can buy any quantity during the exchange trading hours of SIX Swiss Exchange. Our Investors have bought BTCA through these banks and brokers, amongst others: Swissquote, UBS, Credit Suisse, Raiffeisen Bank, Zürcher Kantonalbank, Zuger Kantonalbank, and Cornèrtrader.

How to buy BTCA through your bank

Log into your bank account and go to your trading/investments section. If you don’t have a depot account with your bank, you need to get one first. You should find a field to search for specific products. There, search for either the ticker symbol or the ISIN listed below:
  • Ticker symbol: BTCA
  • ISIN: CH0548689600

If you can’t find our product, it is because your bank hast not opened up the valor or ISIN to our product yet. To open up the Valor/ISIN on your bank, there should be no costs involved. Follow the next step and consider calling your bank.

Calling your bank
If you call your bank, simply tell your client advisor you want to buy BTCA. You will find the ticker symbol and ISIN below again. You may want to mention to your client advisor that it is the Securities Admin Department that usually deals with this

  • Ticker symbol: BTCA
  • ISIN: CH0548689600

Writing to your client advisor

If you write to your banker, please ask him/her:
“I would like to buy the ticker BTCA / ISIN CH0548689600 but noticed that it is not opened yet. Please open the captioned ticker / ISIN and let me know when this is done.”