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Decentralized Government-Ali mizani speach

Ali Mizani Oskui gave a compelling speech on the future of the world, form money to the power at Crypto Valley Conference, Zug, Switzerland.

He Started his talk with addressing that Each of you has a story about how you got to know about Bitcoin and blockchain.We have already made artificial different artificial organs such as artificial hurt; artificial liver; artificial lung and the artificial brain is the final step to have a long life.

He believes that death is a disease that we are going to cure it in the future.He mentioned that he was writing a book about this issue back in 2007, which was explaining Immortality, and the main idea was how human being could download their brain into a computer when somebody dies.

He also explained in his book what consciousness is. What is looking at the world through our eyes? Can we build a conscious robot and feel pain and joy like a genuine person?

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a Talking Brain!

He talked a little bit about the function of our brain. He Stated that we have about a hundred billion neurons in our brains, and each neuron is like a logical And-Or gate; In logical gates, we have several 0/1 inputs (hear); We have a process in the gate, and we have output. A similar function happens in neurons. We have several electro-chemical impulses as input from dendrites and synapses, we have a process in the cell body, and finally, we have one output from axon; the output is also an electro-chemical impulse.

In computers, there is input, process and output. Our body works in a similar way. According to neuroscientists, we are a biological I/O machine that our behavior is shaped based on three parameters; Genes, experiences and the situation.

So, he believes human will be able to simulate our brains with quantum computers in the future. For instance; imagine there is a robot here that replace one of his neurons with a silicon neuron with the same function while he is talking to you; nothing will change.

Now this robot goes on and replaces all of his neurons one by one, but he is still here and talking to you, and he is still Ali Mizani.

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Decentralized Government-Human as a Biological Machine!

Now, he stated he can be connected directly to a computer via his five senses and live in a virtual world like the matrix but a good one; something like several science-fiction movies that you may have seen before.

But how? Does current technology allow human being to do this? The bad news is No, but the good news is the technology growth is not linear, it’s exponential. A futurist and scientist named Ray Kurzweil predicted this that we will have a significant growth in the technology which results in revolution a named singularity in 2060.

“The good news is the technology growth is not linear, it’s exponential.”

Decentralized government-Download Your Brain!

Imagine that we have been downloaded before our death and are living in a virtual world. There is no limitation and boundaries. You can fly in the sky; you make a wish, and your table is full of food and fruits. You can adjust the sweetness of your bananas, you can change your body, you can change everything on your partner; you can live in movies and TV shows; you can expand the broad area of your brain and speak any language, you can change your face color so racism will be meaningless. You can live there young and healthy for millions of years.

During writing his book about these issues, he faced 2 major unsolved problems.

Dive into digital world!

At first, everyone could copy the gold and paste unlimitedly; and they will have a lot of gold; It would be worthless. Also, somebody can copy others personality; it’s terrible.

That part of his book was empty till 2013 when one of his friends living in Australia called him and talked about some kind of money named Bitcoin that its virtual and can’t be more than 21 million and it has been secured by private keys and public keys and other things. Suddenly, He shouted this is the coin of the future, this is the gold of paradise…

Immediately he bought bitcoin at $180, and four days later the price has halved. but he didn’t sell it.

In 2016 he launched a small family fund. he entered the bitcoin market at $400 and quitted at $18000 which made more than 700 people rich and some of them multi-millionaires.

Unsolved Problems on the way of Decentralized Government

The second important unsolved problem in his book was the danger of centralized power. Imagine the scientist or AI (Artificial Intelligence) that downloaded our brain to the computer becomes mad and say, “I am your creator worship me, or I will turn your paradise to hell.” What should we do? Can centralized power be dangerous for the future? Unfortunately, the answer is yes; An experiment at Stanford University have been proven it before.

In that experiment a psychologist used volunteer students and divided them into two groups randomly, prisoners and guards; And gave absolute power to the guards to do whatever they want. The result was a disaster. Even one of the prisoners attempted suicide.

Lord Acton said: “Power tends to corrupt;
absolute power corrupts absolutely.”

Power is not bad, and human being uses it to improve their civilization, but a centralized one can be very dangerous.

In the future, technology will give huge power to human being or AI. In the past, centralized power only resulted in dictatorships, but in the future, it can make a hell.

He addressed that human needs to redesign the democracy for the future. Because in most countries, democracy is a system which a king may be selected. So, everything will be centralized again. All three execution, legislation and the judicial branch of today’s democratic governments have similar problems.

Blockchain technology has decentralized money before, also it has been mechanized honesty through mining mechanism; maybe blockchain or the ideas inspired by blockchain have a good potential to decentralize the power.

One good suggestion to solve lots of problems could be “Decentralized Government on the blockchain”. This idea is not new, but by using blockchain technology, we are very close to achieving that.

It can solve not only future problems but also many of today’s issues.  Wars, Famines, lack of education, management of limited resources on earth, global warming and a lot of things in the world.

It makes no sense that in a fragile and extremely related ecosystem a president thinks just for the interests of his or her own country. That’s why the Paris agreement defeated and lead us to global warming danger.

We can’t achieve paradise without our neighborhoods; borders will be meaningless.

But what is the “Decentralized Government on the blockchain”?

Ali Mizani Oskui Speaking in CryptoValley Conference, Zug, 2019

The answer is this, we don’t know yet.

But it should be something like federal governments

1-That each individual has a direct effect on changes

2-Each is responsible for the results by their profit or loss.

3- It can have its own money or can be a sidechain of Bitcoin!

4-Also, people and governments from all places around the world can gradually join this government. Because it will have more advantages to them, it can be Universal although it may take tens of year.

Fortunately, there are already government systems that are very close to the real decentralized government, Switzerland is one of them; And we should learn a lot from their system, And Zug is the city of blockchain.

He declared that the people in the crypto valley are one of the best persons who can help to design the Decentralized Government. So, we need a lot of crowd innovations from all over the world to design such kind of governments on the blockchain.

He added that since this idea can make the world a better place to live, he would like to announce a competition with 10 bitcoin price to the best ideas, articles, whitepapers, plans that demonstrate what a Decentralized Government on the blockchain can be.

He stated we are going to announce details about the competition on www.FiCAS.com in two weeks.

“Paradise is Coming, life is a time to achieve big dreams, Let’s shape the biggest dream of human being together.”

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