History is always repeating itself

George Hearst,

the owner of the highest producing gold mine in American history, acquired his wealth by persuading people to sell him their claims for pennies on the dollar. But how? By using the strategy of “fake news.” He made a rumor that government would seize their lands, so people preferred to sell their claims at a deep discount to Hearst instead of taking the risk of losing everything, while the government never was a real threat for their lands.
When Jamie Dimon, the CEO JP Morgan has been bashing cryptocurrencies in the media while his London trading desk has been buying them up, the Hearst story somehow repeated for cryptocurrency investors.

Over the last couple of months, I have seen several eye-opening changes in the space that things are starting to move in the right direction. We need to ignore the rumors and look for the things that actually matter.
Bloomberg launches the Galaxy Crypto Index fund (BCGI) which is part of the Michael Novogratz’s Galaxy Digital Capital Management firm. Bloomberg will own and administer the index fund.

Facebook added Evan Cheng, the most senior director of engineering to its blockchain team.
Goldman Sachs announces that it’s opening up a trading desk dedicated to cryptocurrencies.

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“History of cryptocurrencies”

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