Ficas Frequently Asked Questions

What is FiCAS?

FiCAS is a specialized crypto asset management and advisory firm committed to delivering better than market performance through actively managed crypto investments. Ali Mizani Oskui, FiCAS’ CEO & CIO, has been pioneering crypto financial product engineering in Iran since 2013. The portfolio he directed from October 2015 to January 2018 more than doubled the number of Bitcoin – translating to a “better-than-market” performance by a factor greater than two and with the added benefit of accumulating a significant and unique body of crypto investment expertise. The track record has been audited by a big four firm in November 2019. FiCAS is a new Swiss company built from the intellectual property and track record of its founding CEO and Chief Investment Officer, Ali Mizani Oskui. The company is supported by resources with substantial expertise in finance, regulation, algorithmic trading, asset management, and deep knowledge of AI.

Is FiCAS regulated?

FiCAS investment management and advisory solutions are offered in full compliance with applicable Swiss laws. FiCAS AG is subject to the rules set out by the Swiss self-regulation organization “VQF”.

Why is FiCAS different?

FiCAS specializes in actively managed crypto investments. FiCAS solutions are not based solely on a single or underlying basket of indexed crypto assets, but instead are actively managed, keeping a close eye on market fundamentals, crypto market sentiment and quantitative trading patterns. Founder Ali Mizani Oskui is amongst the world’s first financial engineer to undertake a thorough understanding of the workings of this new asset class and market. He has blazed a trail over the last 6 years by actively managing a number of cryptocurrency portfolios, including the most successful known crypto fund in the Middle East.

What services does FiCAS provide?

Positioned in the alternative investment space, FiCAS currently offer an Actively Managed Certificate and an Account Management Solution for qualified professional market participants. FiCAS is in the process of developing a series of actively managed Exchange Traded Products (ETPs) to be listed in 2020 on a Swiss Exchange which will cater to different risk appetites and investment parameters.

What experience does FiCAS have?

FiCAS CEO & CIO, Ali Mizani Oskui is amongst the world’s first financial engineers to undertake a thorough understanding of this new asset class and market. He has blazed a trail over the past 6 years by actively managing a number of cryptocurrency portfolios, including the most successful known crypto portfolio in the Middle East. Today, FiCAS brings this performance expertise into a new Swiss entity, supported by a team which includes financial & product engineers, research gurus, regulatory & legal advisors, cryptofinance specialists.

Will FiCAS manage my funds directly?

With a Managed Account solution, you will open an account with Bitcoin Suisse and give FiCAS the authority to manage the funds on your behalf. This authority is limited to trades and transactions that are in connection with the goal to manage your funds. FiCAS cannot withdraw cash, for example. The Actively Managed Certificate (AMC) solution, on the other hand, combines the funds of several clients and allows FiCAS to manage the funds in a more efficient, effective and cost saving manner. Thanks to an AMC, even small investment amounts can benefit from the same advantages that traditionally only large investors could enjoy. These benefits will be magnified with the launch of the ETP(s).

Why invest in crypto with FiCAS?

We are a Swiss company headquartered in, and operating out of Crypto Valley – the most developed and seasoned cryptofinance ecosystem. FiCAS is offering regulated structured crypto asset products to qualifying professional market participants, underpinned by the investment philosophy which has allowed its founder to consistently outperform the crypto market in the past. This investment philosophy provides overall for an active risk management of the clients’ investments, in contrast to passive investment strategies that leave clients at the mercy of market price developments and alone in trading decisions.

Is there any restriction on FiCAS customer nationality?

Our customers undergo an onboarding process through fully regulated financial institutions. Individuals or legal entities domiciled resident or incorporated in Internationally sanctioned and or embargoed countries cannot be onboarded. FiCAS reserves the right to add other countries as well. Each customer from outside Switzerland is also onboarded in consideration of the ability of FiCAS products to be offered to qualified investors in that country.

Does FiCAS guarantee returns?

No, investments in cryptocurrencies and crypto assets is highly risky and no past performance can be taken as a guarantee for future performance. As with any other risky investment, FiCAS does not recommend investing funds one cannot afford to lose and reminds clients of the potential volatility in the course of the investments.