AIM Summit…Did you know about it?

AIM Summit Abu Dhabi 2019 Sponsorship. it is the preeminent regional Alternative Investment Management Summit, first launched in 2015, it gathers and unites local investors and directors into the world of alternativesHadi Nemati at Ficas Booth (Hedge Funds, Private Equity, Venture Capital, Private Debt, Family Funds) with global business leaders. The largest conference for Alternative Investments in the MENA region which will was held in Abu Dhabi. Over 400 qualified investors and investment leaders attended this premium event.

Why aim summit?

AIM Summit is a staging for talks on business developments, global business circumstances, and newest trends and performs as a networking panel for future business opportunities. it’s a unique conference of its type and magnitude designed and orchestrated by the industry in an intimate setup to induce real discussions on the best practices and know-how.

The purpose of the AIM Summit Abu Dhabi was to improve investors’ knowledge of alternative investments from the prospect of qualified investors and business experts. The Alternative Investment Management Summit is the leading Alternative Investment conference for the region, welcomed over 400 delegates. The conference focused on quality over quantity and brought together thought managers with essential business agents and investors.

What does aim summit offer?

The AIM Summit offers a unique opportunity to engage with key industry leaders and consider real-time issues and market requirements. Now in its fifth year, the highly-anticipated event brings one of the region’s first opportunities to explore the emerging world of digital assets and cryptocurrencies as alternative asset classes.

What was conference all about?

This year’s conference focused on digital assets as a new asset class for institutional investors in digital assets; some of the worlds’ noblest financial organizations are launching structured crypto investment products such as Fidelity, Goldman Sachs, and Blockrocket. Institutional investors are working to understand the potential opportunities and risks of Crypto assets as investment vehicles.

We were gratified to welcome and promote AIM summit in their attempts to supporting the investment perspective in Abu Dhabi and the UAE.  As a one of the world’s leading crypto advisory companies, FiCAS identifies the benefits of crypto industry and funds industry collaborations and continues with its role in connecting businesses to investments fund collaboration and investors to new opportunities via FiCAS services and offerings.AIM Summit Abu Dhabi Ficas

After the financial crisis of 2008, various financial firms and their clients recognized the value of asset allocation and the necessity to diversify client portfolios. This led to portfolio leaders increasingly adding alternative investments to their client asset allocation models.

We believe that the AIM Summit is the best conference in the region because not only does it bring together some of the greatest and best business managers and financial advisors globally, the unique character of the conference enables an excellent chance to exchange and discuss ideas with the best experts in the industry.

Alternative investments are considered as efficient way to balance risk in a portfolio and to provide a “cushion” in the case of a stock or bond meltdown and are appropriate in a small portion of the overall portfolio.

It was a pleasure to be able to welcome top fund managers, financial experts and investors from the alternatives industry at FiCAS booth. From outstanding speakers to world-class networking, it was once again a resounding success for FiCAS to attend high-profile in AIM Summit Abu Dhabi.