About The Ficas magic booth, About The Conference

The conference was attended by investors and engineers, mainly from Europe,Ficas-Drawing- the middle East, and Central Asian countries ,as well as from turky , who are interested in blockchain and deal with cryptocurrencies. Blockchain , the biggest technological and financial revolution of the 22 nd century , will be better understood by expert speakers in the field.

Therefor , the Block chain Economy Istanbul Summit distinguishes itself as the largest event in the region ever had in this area.

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Blockchain Economy Istanbul Summit” rolls out the distinction of being the largest-scale event of the region, ever held in this field. More than 5,000 attendees from 43 countries attended the conference and more than 10,000 people watched live.

By associating investors, entrepreneurs and professionals for discussing current cryptocurrency market and future of blockchain technology. a grand prize is now here at ficas booth!

Drawing at FiCAS Booth

During the “Blockchain Economy Istanbul Summit,” FiCAS planned to identify new markets for the investment and consequently more fair distribution of wealth among all people through the wisdom of the crowd study.

people there tried to contribute to the research not only to know about the topic but also to win the grand prize. contributors to this research had the chance to win a $1000 grand prize and also five people each won $1000 during an exciting drawing.