Is your company under supervision of any financial authority?2019-06-15T09:33:09+02:00

Our company is a registered financial consulting company in Switzerland with a reputable background also as an independent crypto consultant, in compliance with FINMA guidelines.

Why should I trust your company?2019-06-15T09:51:06+02:00

We believe in a trustless future. In Order to persuade this vision, we designed a novel and entirely client-oriented solution that we call it “Trust-free model” where our clients will have FULL AUTONOMY over their Crypto assets while we fully support them with our services during their contract.

Is there any restriction on customers’ nationality?2019-04-13T12:42:24+02:00

Yes, we cannot provide services for the USA and sanctioned countries.

How can I receive advices?2019-06-15T09:51:25+02:00

You simply sign up and sign a contract with us, and then everything is good to become our customer.

Do you guarantee returns? Will You manage my funds directly?2019-06-15T09:51:47+02:00

No we don’t guarantee returns and is not managing the funds directly. we will not ask you to send your asset on our account. We only provide advice and executor of these guides are our clients.

Is it risky to invest in the crypto market?2019-06-15T09:39:32+02:00

If you are not familiar with crypto assets, it is possible to lose all your investment. On the other hand, if you receive the right education and be able to interpret charts, or using experts’ advice, you can manage the risks and we provide such services for you.

Why should I invest in Crypto assets with FiCAS?2019-06-15T09:40:06+02:00

Crypto assets have a lot of growth potential thanks to their functionalities, and features (transaction speed, security, privacy, trust, smart contracts, distributed applications).
let’s not to forget that the crypto market is very volatile, risky, complicated, and sometimes illegal.
So, our goal is to advise you through your crypto investment & find you the best assets to invest with the highest return, and also save you from significant losses.

What services FiCAS will provide?2019-06-15T09:41:43+02:00

We offer advisory for your investment, also we provide educational contents so you can get familiar with trading and Crypto market and explore potential investments.


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