Invest in crypto in 3 simple steps.

You can buy 15 FiCAS Active Crypto ETP at its net asset value directly through your bank or broker just as you would buy ordinary shares. You can buy any quantity during the exchange trading hours of the SIX Swiss Exchange or Börse Stuttgart.

STEP 1: Log in to your e-banking or online broker account.

STEP 2: Enter either the ticker symbol, WKN or ISIN of our product:

Ticker: BTCA | ISIN: CH0548689600 | WKN: A3GQYG

STEP 3: Indicate the amount of ETPs you want to buy and place the order.

Always set a limit order to ensure that your purchase is executed within your limits and if you can’t find our product, it is because your bank or broker has not sold it yet. In this case, you should call or email your bank or broker and request to open the product.

Financial Institutions offering the ETP

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