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Cryptocurrencies are considered to be an agile and promising future market for investors. At the same time, however, it is very volatile, highly complex and still immature. With its unique, actively managed crypto asset solutions, FiCAS AG offers the opportunity to invest in digital currencies: It is as easy as buying stocks and moreover you benefit from the proven financial expert knowledge.

Everyone who wants to invest in crypto currencies such as Bitcoin and Co. must overcome various hurdles. The first one is to be able to understand the principles of the blockchain and the crypto currencies arising from it. The second one is to apprehend the market infrastructure. “At this point, most investors lose the overview and confidence – understandably, because the subject matter is complex and in constant development”, explains Dr. Mattia Rattaggi, member of the board of FiCAS AG. These are just the technical and market infrastructure components. “Then, of course, there are also the traditional financial market risks with which all investors have to deal with”.

For these reasons, the market of crypto currencies has first been reserved to a small group of specialized investors, who access the market directly and manage the investments on their own. Recently, we have seen emerging providers of passively managed products that eliminate the technical hurdle; however, in these cases, investments are governed by algorithms. Thus, the investor still has to actively manage the investment by himself in a market that is immature, risky, volatile and subject to infrastructural risks. “But we are breaking up that,” emphasizes Mattia Rattaggi. As the credo of FiCAS AG is: “With our structured products, investing in crypto currencies becomes just as easy as buying a classic stock”.

Experience, combined with knowledge

How is that possible? “Our customers benefit from our longstanding and profound understanding of the crypto market”, explains Ali Mizani Oskui, Founder of FiCAS AG. “In addition, we protect the value of client assets entrusted to us and actively structure and manage client portfolios”. So, it is not simply investing the clients’ funds algorithmically and passively but committing to doing so within the framework of a management mandate. “In a nutshell, you invest, and we take care of your money,” says Oskui.

In the past, FiCAS AG has repeatedly demonstrated that the portfolios it actively manages generally perform better than the reference market. The portfolio managed by Ali Mizani Oskui from October 2015 to January 2018 more than doubled the number of Bitcoin in the portfolio – translating to a better-than-market performance by a factor greater than two and with the added benefit of accumulating a significant and unique know how of crypto investment expertise. During this period, the monthly maximum drawdown of the portfolio was 15%, in line with the maximum drawdown of Bitcoin itself, not counting the cryptocurrency’s collapse in early 2018 where all of the assets were moved back to cash.

“This shows that we are fully committed to our customers even in challenging times,”

said Ali Mizani Oskui.

A wider customer base

Up to now, the products of FiCAS AG have been aimed at qualified and experienced investors. “In the second quarter 2020, however, we will expand our product portfolio so that investors of all levels can easily invest in crypto currencies and benefit from our all-round service,” explains Relationship Manager Olga Vögeli. “We will continue to drive forward our mission of combining the traditional with the new; and thus, opening up innovative and attractive investment potential,” concludes Mattia Rattaggi.

About FiCAS AG

Ficas is a specialized crypto asset investment company that aims to outperform the market through actively managed investments. The products are not only based on a collection of indexed digital assets, but are actively managed, closely monitoring current market trends, crypto market sentiment and quantitative trading patterns.

Ficas is a dynamic Swiss company that has evolved from the intellectual property and track record of its founder, Ali Mizani Oskui.

Ficas’s solutions are currently available to qualified professional market participants through regulated structured products based on Ali Mizani Oskui’s investment philosophy, which has consistently outperformed the crypto market in the past. Ficas’s investment products are offered in full compliance with the applicable Swiss laws.

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