15.11.2022 – Statement

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FiCAS Statement on the FTX Case

Zug, Switzerland — The bankruptcy of the crypto exchange FTX has further destabilized the crypto markets, sending shockwaves through the crypto industry which will take some weeks to fully play out. FiCAS AG and its subsidiary Bitcoin Capital AG have no exposure to FTX, FTX US, FTX ventures and Alameda, and to their direct investments. The companies also never utilized FTX’ services and never traded FTT (the FTX token).

The material movements in the prices of the cryptocurrencies are being used by FiCAS AG to adjust the investments of its flagship Exchange-traded Product BTCA and of the investment products issued by clients that are using Bitcoin Capital AG’s platform. FiCAS AG has always diversified its holdings in at least three different custodians, privileging the regulated players.

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The investment products described in this communication are intended for retail, professional and institutional investors in Switzerland, Liechtenstein, and in the European Union (excl. Hungary, Cyprus, and Iceland).

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