Official Notices

BTCA an Actively Managed Exchange Traded Product issued by Bitcoin Capital AG
ISIN: CH0548689600
Valor: 54868960
Ticker: BTCA

Bitcoin Capital AG is a company limited by shares under Swiss law with registered office and address at Gubelstrasse 24, 6300 Zug, Switzerland.
BTCA is a product issued under Swiss law. BTCA is actively managed by FiCAS AG and derives its value from a basket of selected cryptocurrencies. The underlyings of BTCA serve as collateral and are deposited with custodians.

The first day of trading of BTCA on the SIX Swiss Exchange is the 28 July 2020. As of 28 July 2020, 20’000 of BTCA are issued and outstanding.
BTCA are exchange traded products that do not qualify as units of collective investment scheme according to the Swiss Collective Investment Scheme Act (CISA). Thus, investors cannot benefit from the investor protection provisions applicable to collective investment schemes and BTCA are not supervised by the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA).

BTCA are cleared and settled on SIX SIS. Trades in BTCA are not eligible for central clearing by a Central Counterparty (CCP) supported by SIX SIS. On the contrary to other securities in the ETP segment trades in BTCA will thus be instructed for bilateral settlement (excluding the CCP).

Articles of association

Articles of Association




Base Prospectus



Fact sheet

FiCAS Fact sheet


Final Terms

Final Terms of BTCA



*Basket Allocation may change, as BTCA is managed actively.

*Allocation Updated monthly (As of 30.09.2020)
Underlying Weighting
Bitcoin 78.54%
EOS 11.48%
Ethereum 0.00%
Ripple 0.00%
Bitcoin Cash 0.00%
Litecoin 0.00%
Binance Coin 0.00%
Cardano 0.00%
Tezos 0.00%
Stellar Lumens 0.00%
Tron 0.00%
NEO 0.00%
USD 9.99%
CHF 0.00%
EUR 0.00%

High Watermark

The initial HWM equals the initial Issue Price of CHF 100. Thereafter, if on the Performance Fee Observation Date the net asset value after deduction of the management fee (NAV) is higher than the previous HWM, the HWM is set to that higher level.
The HWM is re-set quarterly on the last business days (at closing time of the SIX Swiss Exchange) of March, June, September and December (Performance Fee Observation Date).

The new HWM is set to 102.013 on the 30.09.2020

Authorised Participants

Flow Traders B.V., Jacob Bontiusplaats 9 Amsterdam, 1018 LL Netherlands. Flow Traders is a leading global technology-enabled liquidity provider, specialized in Exchange Traded Products (ETPs). Flow Traders has offices and trading desks in Europe, the United States and Asia and provides liquidity across all major exchanges, globally.It is registered with The Netherlands Chambers of Commerce with date of entry on 2 December 1991 and register number 33223268.

Schedule of Fees

The Asset Manager FICAS receives 2% management and 20% performance fee from the Issuer Bitcoin Capital AG for managing the ETP “BTCA”.

FiCAS AG. Investment Policy, Version 2 July 2020 (EN)

FiCAS AG. Investment Policy, Version 2 July 2020



FiCAS Monthly Performance Reports

FiCAS Performance Report [September 2020]



Company Presentation