Our Services for
Investing On Cryptocurrency

Built on top of our trustful business model, you will receive wide range of services to manage and protect your alternative investment using our expert level training, investment strategies, trading advices, AI driven analysis, and full-time client support for investing on cryptocurrency.

Market Strategies

Diversified strategies for alternative investment, advanced analysis and deep market reports of the blockchain industry trends.

Trading Advice-Ficas

Trading Advice

Providing crypto asset trading signals by our crypto veteran trading team and our AI models for investing in cryptocurrency.

VIP Client Panel

Access to your reports, signals and portfolio tracker all in one place with an easy to use interface for an alternative investment.

Expert Training-Ficas

Expert Training

Tailored cryptocurrency training, technical assistance and up to date learning material to Secure a professional experience of investing in cryptocurrency.

Enterprise Infrastructure-Ficas

Enterprise Infrastructure

Helping you with the right infrastructure and adequate tools to set up your Corporate level trading environment for an alternative investment.


24/7 Private Support

Our trained colleagues work round the clock to support our global client base using our dedicated online portal to facilitate interactions for investing in cryptocurrency

Crypto Wealth Consultancy

Select the right crypto assets for your portfolio and manage it professionally using the advanced tools and diversified strategies. You will be equipped with the right crypto mindset to invest in this new class of assets.

  • Exclusive trading signals, market strategies, up to date reports, and spotting industry trends. You will grow your crypto portfolio like a pro.

  • Expert level of training and support for you and your corporation.

Trustful & Full Sovereignty

Our clients will not pay us any advisory fee until they gain 50% profit generated from our services during their contract. We have a sincere belief in crypto autonomy, so your private keys will always stay in your own hands.

  • No advisory fees for the first 50% profit.

  • Full autonomy over your funds and crypto assets while we guide every step of contract.

AI Driven Models & Quantitative Analysis

We are consecutively improving and implementing the AI driven trade assistance modules and price prediction models while utilizing hi-tech infrastructure and in house development of our ultimate goal: The Crypto Quant Platform.

  • Generating accurate alphas, crypto market sentiment analysis and state of the art AI models for crypto price prediction

  • Providing professional tools for trade executions and precise entry and exit rules in the automated trading system

Investing On Cryptocurrency, VIP Club Login & Tracking

We will offer our VIP club members an all-in-one professional package, providing clients with strategic advice, prudent signals, and reports along with 24/7 technical support & service for investing on cryptocurrency.