The FiCAS team is committed to performance, compliance, security and innovation. Our vision is to combine science and cutting-edge AI technology to deliver more profitable, and less risky, crypto investing.

Ali Mizani Oskui
CEO and Chief Investment Officer

Ali is an entrepreneur, an award winning inventor, and a futurist with a proven track record of predictions. Ali‘s depth in computer technology expertise and AI, combined with his expertise in crypto, has heralded him as a leading figure in FinTech today. Since 2015, Ali has been managing private crypto investment portfolios which have significantly outperformed market trends. In late 2018, he established FiCAS AG to advise qualifying professional market participants how to enter the digital asset market in a regulated, safe and trustful manner.

Dr. Mattia Rattaggi
Chairman of the Board

Mattia is Chairman of FiCAS, BoD Member of the Crypto Valley Association and Founder and Managing Partner of METI Advisory AG. He is a FinTech business developer and promoter of initiatives to strengthen crypto markets. He is a co-founder of the project SEBA Bank AG. Mattia combines deep expertise in crypto finance and regulation, with 25-years’ experience in the financial industry, in senior risk, compliance, audit and governance positions. He holds a Ph.D in Economics from the University of Fribourg and was researcher at the University of Cambridge.

Marcel Niederberger
Research and Product Development

Marcel contributes to the continuous build-out of the company’s research & product development unit. He is responsible for developing new and improved products and devises processes so that the company can meet customers’ needs more effectively. He inspires with an in-depth knowledge of Blockchain technology and its application to crypto trading and investment strategies.

Rolf Schmied
Chief Financial Officer

Rolf and his team at Guthirt Treuhand AG lead our financial operations as external service providers. Rolf is an economist and holds an MBA from Zurich University. He commenced his career at Fides Trust and having worked in senior financial positions, he established Guthirt Treuhand which offers financial consultancy.

Hossein Payvandi, PhD
Head of Research

Hossein leads our research & development team as an external service provider. He is expert in computational intelligence, predictive analytics, neuroinformatics, network security, crypto analysis, and information theory. He holds a fellowship of the Higher Education Academy (HEA), UK where is sits as a Computational Intelligence lecturer with the University of Surrey. He is a highly published authority and an award winner within the field of informatics.

Triona Mc Hale

Triona is a proficient media relations strategist and an experienced incubator of emerging ventures. She is a prolific strategic planner with decades of experience in developing media and influencer programs. Triona is adept at implementing targeted campaigns that resonate and elevate brands.

Morgan Pierce

Morgan is a seasoned leader in corporate and start-up environments. As a natural-born growth hacker, she excels at designing, igniting and managing marketing and communication programs that launch & strengthen global brands. Morgan is an accomplished public speaker and lectures globally on blockchain and the crypto-asset ecosystem.