The Definition of Blockchain and Bitcoin


In this video, we would talk about the invention of blockchain and Bitcoin in general.

About 30 years ago people would have searched into Encyclopedia Britannica in order to find the answer to their questions. But, the great challenge was that only the people who wrote or bought that book had access to the content. Then came the Internet and Wikipedia, which enabled people to access the content in a shorter time. Nowadays, anybody can contribute to Wikipedia or read the contents.

There was a significant need for making things transparent for everyone, and let people take control of their own personal information!

Blockchain is a new type of data storage which allows digital information to be distributed among people but not copied! On Blockchain, data are stored on a number of blocks which are connected by mathematical protocols, and these data are arranged by clusters of computers, not a single entity.

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“Money is the beginning, Power is the Target”

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