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What is FiCAS?2020-07-21T11:41:16+02:00

FiCAS AG is a specialized crypto investments management boutique with eminent experience in the sector, based in Zug, Switzerland. The company is built from the intellectual property and track record of its founder, Ali Mizani Oskui, and is supported by resources with substantial expertise in finance, regulation, algorithmic trading, asset management, and deep knowledge of AI.

What is FiCAS´experience?2020-07-21T11:13:49+02:00

Ali Mizani Oskui, founder of FiCAS, has an excellent track record of outperforming crypto market trends. Ali has been a pioneer of crypto-financial product engineering in the Middle East since 2013. He more than doubled the Bitcoin portfolio he managed from October 2015 to January 2018 – translating to a “better-than-market” performance by a factor greater than two and with the added benefit of accumulating a significant and unique body of crypto investment expertise. In January 2020 FiCAS launched a test live portfolio in a form of a private placement AMC, demonstrating the constant outperformance. 

Is FiCAS regulated?2020-07-21T11:14:18+02:00

FiCAS investment management solutions are offered in full compliance with applicable Swiss laws. FiCAS AG is subject to the rules set out by the Swiss self-regulation organization “VQF”.

Why is FiCAS different?2020-08-09T07:54:04+02:00

FiCAS specializes in actively managed crypto investments. FiCAS solutions are not based solely on a single or underlying basket of indexed crypto assets, but are instead managed actively, closely monitoring market forces, crypto market sentiment, and quantitative trading patterns. Founder, Ali Mizani Oskui, is amongst the world’s first financial engineers to undertake a thorough understanding of the workings of this new asset class and its market. He has blazed a trail over the last 6 years by actively managing a number of cryptocurrency portfolios, including the most successful known crypto portfolio in the Middle East. Moreover, the product of FiCAS, Bitcoin Capital Active crypto ETP, is the first one worldwide in its type.

How can I invest in FiCAS solutions?2020-07-22T14:30:46+02:00

Bitcoin Capital Active ETP is a product by Bitcoin Capital AG. The product is managed by FiCAS. You can purchase our ETP just as you would purchase shares, directly via a broker with access to SIX Swiss Exchange or financial advisor at your traditional bank.

Will FiCAS manage my funds directly?2020-07-21T11:15:08+02:00

The Exchange Traded Product solution combines the investments of many clients and allows FiCAS to manage the funds in a more efficient and cost-effective way. Even small investment amounts can benefit from the same advantages that traditionally only large investors could enjoy.

Why invest in Crypto with FiCAS?2020-08-19T09:43:58+02:00

Bitcoin Capital AG has launched the world’s first actively managed ETP with cryptocurrencies as the underlying asset class on the SIX Swiss Exchange.

Alpha generation: We employ multiple analytical approaches (technical, fundamental and quantitative) to drive discretionary investment decisions aimed to outperform the bitcoin holding strategy.

Portfolio of top 15 cryptocurrencies: We trade bitcoin against carefully selected altcoins limited to the top 15 cryptocurrencies for liquidity and risk management purposes.

Risk management & value preservation: Our actively managed approach can help to reduce the drawdown by exiting into fiat during downward crypto market moves.

Flexible investment decision making: We are in a position to promptly react to various market conditions – taking the best in times of high volatility or sideways trends.

Flexibility over the basket composition: We adjust the weight of the predefined underlying assets according to our investment strategy.

Consistent market monitoring:  Our research and trading team covers the market 24/7, to be able to react quickly to any changes.

Recognizing and analyzing megatrends: Our analysis allows us to harvest the best possible profits after all-time-highs of the market.

Ability to execute large orders: We can fulfill large orders limiting our influence on market price by connecting to liquidity pools and regulated exchanges.

Secure storage solutions: We work with the reliable licensed custodians in Switzerland and abroad.

Strong infrastructure: Our systems are based on cooperation with the industry-leading partners and our corporate governance framework is based on Swiss legal regulation.

Does FiCAS guarantee returns?2020-07-21T11:15:49+02:00

No – investments in cryptocurrencies and crypto assets are highly risky. Past performance cannot be taken as a guarantee for future performance. FiCAS does not recommend investing funds that one cannot afford to lose and reminds clients of the potential volatility in the course of the investments, which is best suited for long term investors.

What is the connection between Bitcoin Capital AG and FICAS AG?2020-08-06T13:26:48+02:00

Bitcoin Capital is the Issuer of the ETPs and responsible for the obligations of the issue and for reporting financial conditions, material developments and operational activities. FiCAS AG, a specialized crypto investment management boutique is managing the portfolio of the ETPs to pursue outperformance over the market.

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