FiCAS AG is a Swiss-based and VQF member advisory company providing investors with incomparable investment solutions and advice in the crypto market in a well-regulated, safe, and trustful manner. We fully support you with our valuable experience of crypto and AI-powered tools.

Our Solutions for
Investing in Cryptocurrency

Advisory Solution

A client-oriented solution giving investors full autonomy over their crypto assets. Advisory solution is supporting clients with high-quality investment advice in simple, efficient and secure plan.

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Account Management Solution

Providing asset management and custodian services all in one place. Regulated by VQF, FiCAS had obtained SRO license to provide full range of crypto asset management services to its clients.

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Investment Solution (SPV)

As a new generation of financial products, Actively Managed Certificate (AMC) is a flexible structured product that lets clients invest in FiCAS portfolio very fast and profitable with Swiss ISIN.

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FiCAS is subject to VQF & self-regulatory organization (SRO). No. 100622

Member of Crypto Valley

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Following the willingness of academic institutions and well-known organizations to engage with the FiCAS Grand Prize Competition, we had to modify the terms and conditions of the contest in order to get more comprehensive and influential results.
Soon we will announce the instructions for participants.

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