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FiCAS AG (Financial and Crypto Advisory of Switzerland) is a Swiss-based and VQF regulated cryptocurrency and financial investment advisory company providing a broad spectrum of investors from traditional to crypto ones with incomparable investment solutions and advice in the crypto market as simple as opening a bank account in a well-regulated, safe, and trustful manner. We fully support you with our valuable experience, deep knowledge of crypto, and AI-powered tools.

Cryptocurrency, “Digital Gold” of Future

Blockchain, as a powerful decentralized technology has disrupted the traditional concept of finance and payment. Cryptocurrencies based on blockchain technology have been introduced as a new asset class and are considered as the future “Digital Gold” due to their potential as an appropriate store of value.
Cryptocurrency is one of the most profitable investments in recent years and also as one of the best class of alternative investments of its kind. It is good to know that the Bitcoin market capitalization increased from approximately 1 billion U.S. dollars in the second quarter of 2013 to nearly 238 billion U.S. dollars in the fourth quarter of 2017

Crypto Market, Risks and Rewards

Cryptocurrency is a double-edged sword for investors: As we are observing excessive rise and fall of cryptocurrencies in the market which has been grown roughly multimillion percent. On the other side, some cryptocurrencies have faced major problems which led them into destruction. Bitcoin and altcoins price fluctuations have become a key component of the market since they are completely volatile and unpredictable. As an example, on December 17, 2017, the price topped $20,000, and on November 6, 2018, each bitcoin was worth $6,400.
Moreover, several critical risks plague crypto assets and get in the way of a safe investment such as risks of theft or loss through cyberattacks and negligence, trading and holding crypto assets on hackable exchanges, and secure storage of crypto assets.
Hence, If we arm ourselves with the knowledge and tools to fully manage these risks, it could turn cryptocurrencies’ fluctuating market into a highly profitable investment.

How FiCAS Helps You

In FiCAS, investors will be provided by a unique investment strategy and crypto asset trading advice according to the best risk management strategies. We focused on helping our clients to have and hedge their crypto portfolio to take the maximum profit by applying the best trade-off between risk and return for investors portfolio.
This would turn cryptocurrency as a risky market into a better alternative investment opportunity for investors and significantly reduce risks and most importantly, gain high returns in the market.
FiCAS’ active selection of crypto assets, accurate technical and fundamental analysis, AI-powered tools, prediction engines, algorithm trading, and big data solutions enabled us to generate an ROI of about 4x over the wild run of the crypto market in 2017.

Our Solutions for
Investing in Cryptocurrency

Advisory Solution

A client-oriented solution giving investors full autonomy over their crypto assets. Advisory solution is supporting clients with high-quality investment advice in simple, efficient and secure plan.

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Account Management Solution

Providing asset management and custodian services all in one place. Regulated by VQF, FiCAS had obtained SRO license to provide full range of crypto asset management services to its clients.

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Investment Solution (SPV)

As a new generation of financial products, Actively Managed Certificate (AMC) is a flexible structured product that lets clients invest in FiCAS portfolio very fast and profitable with Swiss ISIN.

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