Actively Managed
Crypto Investments

Pursuing Outperformance

Actively Managed
Crypto Investments
Pursuing Outperformance

About FiCAS

FiCAS is a specialised crypto asset investment firm committed to delivering “better-than-market” performance, through actively managed crypto investments.

FiCAS products are not based solely on a single or underlying basket of indexed crypto assets, but are instead managed actively, closely monitoring market forces, crypto market sentiment, and quantitative trading patterns.

FiCAS is a Swiss company built from the intellectual property and track record of its founder, Ali Mizani Oskui.
FiCAS’ investment products are offered in full compliance with applicable Swiss laws.

FiCAS launched the world’s very first actively managed ETP with crypto underlyings in 28th July 2020, listed on SIX Swiss Exchange, for retail, professional and institutional investors, and accessible through banks and brokers.

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Investment Track Record of Underlying trading Strategy

Ali Mizani Oskui, founder of FiCAS, has an excellent track record of outperforming crypto market trends. Ali has been a pioneer of crypto-financial product engineering in the Middle East since 2013. He more than doubled the number of Bitcoin in the portfolio he managed from October 2015 to January 2018 – translating to a “better-than-market” performance by a factor greater than two and with the added benefit of accumulating a significant and unique body of crypto investment expertise.

In January 2020 FiCAS launched a test live portfolio in the form of a private placement AMC, demonstrating the constant outperformance.

OCT 2015 – OCT 2018

FiCAS-Historical-Graph OCT 2015 – OCT 2018

JAN 2020 – SEP 2020

JAN 2020 - SEP 2020