About FiCAS

FiCAS is an investment company that offers investors the opportunity to diversify their portfolios by gaining exposure to the new class of crypto-assets through easy-to-access, liquid, products managed 24/7.

The discretionary investment strategy currently being implemented at FiCAS has proved its worth and its performance over the past 4 years has been audited.

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The FiCAS Team

The FiCAS Team is dedicated to providing the investors in its product with outstanding performance, compliance, safety, and innovation. Its objective is to deliver cost-effective, easy-to-access, and risk-managed crypto investment solutions. Cumulatively, the team scores more than 250 years of experience in traditional finance and more than 75 years in crypto finance.

FiCAS Board of Directors

Ali Mizani Oskui
CEO and CIO 

Dr. Daniel Diemers
Investment Committee

Sanjeev Karkhanis
Board Member

FiCAS Executive Management

Niklaus Neddermann
Chief Growth Officer

Olga Vögeli
Head of Risk Control

Marcel Niederberger
Head of Operations

Darko Novakovic

Darko Novakovic
Head of Marketing and

Rolf Schmied

Rolf Schmied
Chief Financial Officer

Hadi Nemati
Head of Research


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